Dajana Eder : Web3 founder, enthusiast & Speaker

Dajana Eder

My background is in community and brand building focused on Web2. The past 12 years I took the chance to work as consultant for international brands and companies to create inclusive strategies. Jumping in the Web3 rabbit hole I realized a lack of diversity. This space could be utopia – a wallet does not know gender – but it’s still a reflection of our IRL unsolved problems. We need to bridge the gaps to include an equal representation of our society.

„If you aren’t visible, your needs aren’t neither, so you won’t be represented. If you‘re not represented you‘re not seen, so you will not exist.“


my experience

I learned about web3 through being active in several international women led NFT projects and DAOs for months and doing cohorts and masterclasses on blockchain technologies, development, coding and many more. I developed workshops for brands and strategies leading into web3. As founder of wom3n.DAO I am buidling a female web3 network & community and a Decentralized Autonomous Organization on Q-Blockchain.

topics I speak about:

  • web3 onboarding basics
  • bias – how we hold women back
  • building DAOs
  • building web3 brands and communities

As society we hold back women because of implicit bias, which are mostly internalized and intersectional. To onboard a diverse community to Web3 we need to understand the structures of our society and how men and women are socialized differently in a binary system. In my speaches I share knowledge about how to break the bias to create an inclusive and welcoming space, where everyone feels represented and safe.

PS: Inclusivity does not stop with including women – therefore I work closely with B*POC and LGBTQIA+ communities and representers.

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