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PEUGEOT 2008 | the urban Crossover

Customers are demanding for something new – something smaller. Here it is, perfectly for the B-segment. PEUGEOT is presenting the 2008 as a new urban Crossover. I took the opportunity to test drive the 2008 in […]


RCZ R Ultimate Test Drive | Nürburgring

Die ultimative Testfahrt mit dem neuen Peugeot RCZ R! Sieben Österreicher inklusive mir, zog es vergangenes Wochenende nach Nürburg an die Nordschleife – ein klares Ziel vor Augen, die ultimative Testfahrt mit dem RCZ R. […]

Peugeot 108 tattoo concept by xOil | Geneva Autosalon 2014

GET THE LION UNDER YOUR SKIN  The brand new Peugeot 108 tattoo concept by tattoo artist xOil was shown for the first time on Geneva Autosalon! Geneva, March 5th | I was invited by Peugeot […]