Peugeot 108 tattoo concept by xOil | Geneva Autosalon 2014

The brand new Peugeot 108 tattoo concept by tattoo artist xOil was shown for the first time on Geneva Autosalon!

Geneva, March 5th | I was invited by Peugeot to join their brand new Peugeot 108 and 108 tattoo concept, to celebrate their “Car of the Year 2014” award for the 308 and to get informed about their new marketing and digital marketing strategy.

308 – Car of the Year 2014

First of all the braking news | Geneva, March 3rd | At the beginning of 84th Geneva Autosalon, the Peugeot 308 has been crowned with this prestigious title by a jury of 58 journalists representing 22 European countries.

>> The “Car of the Year” award has shown that our hard work on the Peugeot 308 and Peugeot as brand is getting honored and that we are on the right way increasing our market share by delivering top quality cars with low emissions and fuel consumptions and state-of-the-art technologies. << Guillaume Couzy (Head of International Peugeot Marketing | Head of Peugeot Sport)

Head of Design Gilles Vidal in touch with Peugeot fan Amandine
Head of Design Gilles Vidal in touch with Peugeot fan Amandine

Get closer – motion & emotion

This is not just a slogan, it is more at all defining the new communication strategy. Since a few months the digital communication is focusing on working closer with bloggers, influencers and Peugeot fans. So they started the #PeugeotFanDays to give fans the opportunity to contribute to a space dedicated entirely to them. By sharing their special Peugeot moments with photos and videos they’ll get the chance to be invited to an exclusive Peugeot brand event for example to Geneva Autosalon. There were two very special fans I’d really like introduce to you. First of all a young girl from France showing their deep passion with a beautiful Peugeot tattoo on her back and Mr. Morning Coffee from Romania – no it is not his name, I just named him like this – who is starting every day with an sketch produced with the rest of his coffee.

>> Blogger, influencer and fans are getting more and more important as ambassadors of the Peugeot brand. << Anne-Laure Brochard-Mérillon (Head of international Peugeot Digital Marketing)

The stunning coffee work of Peugeot fan Adiran (aquarelief)
The stunning coffee work of Peugeot fan Adrian (aquarelief)

Peugeot 108 – so expressive!

Whit the brand new 108 Peugeot is showing the opportunity to personalize his car at its maximum or nearly in 5.000 different ways by choosing between 3 or 5 doors or a folded top, two-tone color for roof and body or sticker designs. The 108 is not this small it may look like, if you are sitting inside you have a good around view, good formed seats and enough space in the trunk for little city shopping trips. Some new features make the urban life much easier for example key-less-go, the reverse system and the mirror screen function which is transforming the apps of your smartphone to the 7” touch display. I could not wait to test drive this little beauty.

Dear Peugeot Team – I’d like to make a wish! My perfect 108 will be a convertible in Aïkinite with a grey top and Dressy design.

Matching perfectly - my Roeckl clutch with the Aïkinite color and Dressy design
Matching perfectly – my Roeckl clutch with the Aïkinite color and Dressy design.

xOil under your skin

The famous French tattoo artist xOil, known for his special look of its work by doing tattoos in a style that associates graphic patterns and motives drawn from history, was invited by Gilles Vidal (Peugeot Design Manager) to design an incredible tattoo for Peugeot to explore the possibility of creating a unique personalized vehicle. xOil was given the freedom to express his talent to create a vehicle which pushes personalization to its extreme. The artist drew a lion comparing Peugeots history with the new by using the logo from 1920 with the proud and conquering lion and the active and dynamic lifestyle of 2014. One of the biggest challenges was to learn the difference between human skin and leather because of the absorption of color and the dryness.

>> For the tattoo I’ve just applied colors which are used for the 108. << xOil

A few words I’d like to give away as feedback. When I entered the Peugeot stand on Geneva Autosalon I was totally flashed of the new design. In just one word it will be “dynamic”. Over all it shows the new communication strategy, being close to the customers, showing innovation by using emotion and dropping facts and figures instead of excellent image spots. You all did a great work – go ahead like this and the next awards will be yours.

Thank you Peugeot for inviting me to this great event and being so close with your blogger and fans!