Interview with the liable RCZ R project manager at Magna Steyr Graz

Befor my awesome RCZ R shooting at Magna Steyr Graz I had the opportunity to get a guided tour through the factory. Always on my side – the man responsible for the RCZ project – Jürgen Heidenbauer.

As you may remember, I asked you a few weeks ago to let me know your RCZ R questions I should ask in the upcoming interview. Jürgen tried to answer each of them and something more. Read the interview below.

The RCZ R project – an Interview with Jürgen Heidenbauer

D: Jürgen, you are working for Magna Steyr at the RCZ/RCZ R project! What are your responsibilities?
J: I am the project manager in charge, which means that I am the interface between Magna Steyr as contract manufacturer of the RCZ and Peugeot as the client. One of my major tasks is balancing the interests between the client and us, focused on the best project results.

D: What does working on the project RCZ/RCZ R mean to you?
J: It is the daily assurance working with an outstanding team and mastering every challenge the projects brings along, in order to deliver top-quality vehicles for our client.

D: What do you think is the RCZ R’s strong suit compared to another sports coupés?
J: It is the surprise effect during the first test drive regarding the emotional sportivity of this vehicle.

D: The production of a vehicle is incredibly complex, how many  parts is a RCZ/RCZ R made of?
J: Depending on the configuration of the RCZ/RCZ R we assamble about 1500 components here at Magna Steyr Graz.

D: How many RCZ roll off of the production line each day and how many of it are RCZ R?
J: Based on the actual filling of the market, we roll off about one-third RCZ R of the daily production.

D: In Conclusion – could you give away any secrets ore something special we have to know about this project?
J: Remarkably, but not very top secret is the fact, that Magna Steyr and Peugeot-Sport directly integrated a Peugeot-Sport vehicle in series production for the first time.

Thank you Jürgen for answering my questions!

So – if you have any questions, please feel free to comment this post below. We are going to answer each of them.

A few facts about Magna Steyr Graz

  • At the location Graz, Magna Steyr employs about 6.500 employees and workers and 10.500 worldwide.
  • In 2013 they produced 140.000 vehicles of Mercedes Benz G, MINI Countryman, MINI Paceman, Peugeot RCZ and the Mercedes Benz SLS AMG aluminum body.
  • All in all Magna Steyr Graz produced more than 2,5 Million vehicles of 22 different models until now.
  • Magna Steyr Graz area: 80.000 m2
  • covered area: 35.000 m2
  • length of production lines: 11.000 m

Big thanks to Magna Steyr Graz for inviting me in their secret halls!

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