Peugeot 308SW Testdrive and #PeugeotFanDays | Le Touquet

Peugeot 308SW test drive at le Touquet (Paris-Plage) April 2014

The brand new 308SW test driven with Peugeot Fan Ini at le Touquet.
After receiving the famous “Car of the Year 2014″ award” Peugeot is now launching the extended version – the 308SW!

Last week I was invited to this wonderful pictorial place called le Touquet also known as Paris-Plage the beach in the north of Paris. But the special at this event was my co-driver, it was the first time an Austrian fan got the chance to enjoy with me this trip with the 308SW.

Peugeot 308SW test drive at le Touquet (Paris-Plage) April 2014Peugeot 308SW test drive at le Touquet (Paris-Plage) April 2014
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“Car of the year 2014” extended

Sure – the 308 hatchback has absolutely achieved this award for its functional and innovative design, so it was just a question of organisation to bring out an extended version. Here it is – the same i-Cockpit and clean interior as in the hatchback but more multifunctional space and new efficient engines.

The design

Peugeot designers were working at the same time and as same team on the 308 and 308SW, they focused on simplicity, balance and fluidity and created a clean and dynamic but also functional design without any pointless features.

The 308SW is benefiting from the extended wheelbase (+11cm compared to the hatchback) and rear overhang (+22cm) which means more space for the back row and 660l to maximum 1775l boot volume. The back row is easy to fold by the standard “Magic Flat” system and becomes perfectly flat in an extra short time.

But my favourite design special is the sunroof with more than 1.6 m² glass which bathes the cabin in light.

It is good to know that Peugeot has reduced the weight of 140kg with the use of the new EMP2 platform and the choice of innovative technical solutions for a better performance and reduction of emissions.

Peugeot 308SW test drive at le Touquet (Paris-Plage) April 2014
The boot volume could be extended from 660l to 1775l

The new 3-cylinder engines

  • 1.2 e-THP 130hp petrol (manual 6-speed gear box)
  • 1.6 BlueHDi 100hp diesel (manual 5-speed gear box)
  • 1.6 BlueHDi 120hp diesel (manual 6-speed gear box)
  • 2.0 BlueHDi 150hp diesel (manual or automativ 6-speed gear box)

This latest generation of engines are offering a high performance with meeting the strictest emissions standards. So they reached the best CO2 performance for a Diesel in the market. The e-THP 1.2 litre 130hp introduces the new three-cylinder petrol engine and delivers a maximum torque of 230Nm but there are also three types of Blue-HDi engines, the 1.6 BlueHDi 100 and 120 and the 2.0 Blue HDi 150 which associates high performance with a maximum torque of 370Nm at 2000rpm. This HDi 150 could be associated with a 3rd generation AISIN six-speed automatic gearbox which offers a quick shift technology.


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A(ustrian) Peugeot Fan

Ini is one of the most famous Peugeot fans in Austria, she is driving a RCZ THP 200 and a 205 GTi 1.9 and organizing several Peugeot events per year.

“What I liked most is to get the chance being part of this event with Dajana, because I’m reading every of her articles and I’m fan from her beginning. I really enjoyed the opportunity visiting the engine manufactory and test driving the new three-cylinder engines. I was surprised about the power and efficiency of this new models. All in all I really like this new 308 interior design. Maybe my next ride – but I’m waiting for the R version, so please hurry on!” ~ Ini ~

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